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Welcome to the official web site of The Night Walkers. The Night Walkers organisation is a group of Experienced Professionals with the mission of helping people. We help those who are frightened of or just curious about possible ghost activity in their home or business. We understand exactly what you are going through. We will assist anyone anywhere in need of our Services. We conduct discreet investigations,assist people in need, educate the public, conduct sessions of Tarot Cards Reading and Healing through Reiki (Karuna,Usui), EFT, Hypno and Chromo Therapies and promote the learning and understanding of ghosts and other psychic phenomena. We use the latest scientific methods and tools as well as psychic investigators in our Therapy/ Treatment and research. The Night Walkers members come from all walks of life. Most have years of personal experience dealing with ghosts, hauntings, Black Magic and Mind Sciences.

In addition to this , We offer services for Digital Professional Photography for New Borns, Kids and Fashion Photo Profiles.

Sessions are done via Call, through Skype or in person. Our Skype Name is: thenightwalkers.org - Take Appointment for your session. Call us at

00 92 333 5434028


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